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Estate Litigation Lawyers in Virginia

The advantages and benefits of thorough estate planning are minimizing the chances of a dispute arising out of the distribution of assets and the role and the responsibilities of who is in charge of your estate when you are gone. Despite your best-laid plans, avoiding a will contest or other legal disputes is sometimes impossible.

When a contest arises regarding a will, trust or any other estate planning vehicle, or an accusation is made that an executor or fiduciary is failing to live up to his or her duties, the team at J.S. Burton, P.L.C. can offer experienced legal guidance.

Estate Litigation Matters We Handle in Virginia 

Our attorneys handle a wide range of trust and estate litigation, including matters such as:

  • Disputes regarding the appointment of a conservator over a large estate
  • Disagreements arising out of the distribution of personal effects
  • Undue influence claims (defend or pursue)
  • Questions regarding the capacity of the deceased at the time a will or other estate planning document was signed
  • Will contests and trust controversies'
  • Representation before county commissioners of accounts in a broad range of estate and probate matters

We represent heirs and beneficiaries seeking an accurate accounting from executors and personal representatives and other fiduciaries accused of wrongdoing. Regardless of the nature of a will contest or other estate disputes, our broad-based experience and thorough understanding of the law and process allow us to represent our clients’ interests efficiently and aggressively.

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