Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat Set to Inherit Millions

For over a year, designer Karl Lagerfeld’s estate, estimated between $200 million and $400 million, has been in dispute. Lagerfeld left a will filed in the principality of Monaco. The former Chanel creative director’s purported heirs (including former Chanel employees, the designer’s grandson, his most favored runway model, and his Birman cat) all believe they should inherit a large portion of the designer’s estate. His cat, Mademoiselle Choupette, seems to have the edge for the lion’s share. She’s starred in magazine spreads and boasts makeup lines named in her honor. She also has her own agent and at the height of her fame had two maids, a bodyguard, a doctor, and a private chef. Lagerfeld’s estate, still unsettled, remains cloaked in mystery as the administrator of the estate has all but disappeared. However, regardless of the outcome, it appears Mlle Choupette, out of all the beneficiaries, has taken the higher ground and appears content no matter the result.
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