Have You Considered a Trust Protector?

Choosing a trustee can be a struggle. You may have a family member you trust and whose heart is in the right place but cannot care for money or lacks the administrative aptitude to manage your estate when you pass. Consider adding a trust protector. A trust protector is an independent person who can fill in the weaknesses of your appointed trustee. A trust protector can guide your trustee in how the trust should be administered when you pass. The trust protector can also buffer family members, lessening conflict and division among beneficiaries. The law firm of J.S. Burton often serves as a trust protector to guide and support your trustee, making a smoother transition for everyone upon your passing. In the end, appointing a trust protector can allow you to appoint the family member you love and trust with the background support of legal and administrative counsel supplying steady guidance for the best results.
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